Welcome to the Montour Youth Baseball League

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Expectations of Behavior

At Kennedy Township Baseball, we believe one of the aspects of our environment that sets us apart from many leagues is the behavior of our coaches, parents, players and fans!  We have a zero tolerance policy in effect for poor behavior by anyone.  Anyone deemed acting inappropriately will be asked to leave as we do not want anyone or any thing affecting our participants' baseball experience.  As a rule of thumb, the following are not allowed:
  • Unruly and distracting behavior
  • Profanity in any form
  • Deliberately detroying property or equipment
  • Alcohol consumption - It's a township ordinance, so please be respectful of that!
  • Arguing calls made by our coach umpires and CVUA patch umpires
  • Players who throw a helmet or a bat will be removed from the game
  • Coaches that argue balls and strikes will be asked to leave for the remainder of the game
  • Smoking on the field, in the dugouts or around the concession stand - need a smoke?  Visit the parking lot!
  • Inappropriate attire; if it is not PG rated, you will be asked to leave
So, just have fun.  Remember:  All of our hardwork is for the kids!