Welcome to the Montour Youth Baseball League

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RTBBL/MYBL - Batting Cage Regulation and Rules


1.     RTBBL/MYBL League is not responsible for any injuries incurred while using this facility.

2.     No one may enter the Batting Cages without signing a waiver form. Participants under age 18 must also have waivers signed by legal parent or guardian. All participants must have a signed waiver on file. It is the responsibility of the coach/manager to assure all participants have a waiver on file.

3.     All individuals or teams must sign daily log recording each visit.

4.     All batters must wear helmets at all times while in cages. Adult coaches within the cages must remain behind protective ‘L’ screens during live pitching, or use of pitching machines. Catchers in the cage will wear full protective gear.

5.     Close toed shoes must be worn when in cages at all times. No spikes or metal cleats prohibited in cages.

6.     Only one batter is allowed in a cage at any time.

7.     No practice swings or swinging of bats allowed outside the cages at any time.

8.     Spectators or individuals “on-deck” must remain seated at bleacher seating. All individuals must remain 3’-0” back from suspended netting/fencing at all times.

9.     Absolutely no running or horseplay within facility.

10.  ONLY coaches or authorized adults are allowed to operate pitching machines. No balls will be pitched or loaded into pitching machines while balls are retrieved. Pitching machines will be disabled (cut the power) while balls are retrieved.

11.  Protective netting shall hang freely, draped on the ground, and shall never be pulled back or affixed in any way to cage fencing. Changes or alterations to the cage are prohibited without written authorization from RTBBL/MYBL.

12.  Please assure that all baseballs are picked up and placed in their proper containers. Leave the cage set-up in the 2-cage configuration for the next scheduled team or individuals.

13.  Montour Travel Teams and Montour High School teams have the right to “closed” batting cage sessions during their official scheduled times and may politely request spectators not associated with their respective teams to leave the facility.

14. Montour Travel Teams and Montour High School Teams do not have the same right as in rule 13 if their team does not have an official scheduled time.

15. Absolutely no unauthorized persons or teams shall use the RTBBL/MYBL cages at any time.

16. Sunflower seeds are prohibited in this facility.

17.  Coaches/Parents will assure that all garbage or other waste is picked up and properly disposed of prior to vacating facility. Leave the facility cleaner than you found it!

18.  Coaches/Parents/Players must immediately notify the designated RTBBL/MYBL Facilities Manager or Safety Officer regarding any defective/broken equipment, safety hazards, or unsafe conditions that may exist in this facility.

19. Any authorized coach, parent, or player that allows an unauthorized individual or team to use the RTBBL/MYBL batting cage facility will be banned for one entire year from the RTBBL/MYBL batting cage facility.